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My Hugo Ballot


I submitted my nominations for the Hugo Awards the other day, and in case anyone is interested, here’s what I sent. I should note that my ballot suffers from the limitations of what I actually read, especially in the novels category. I just haven’t been reading that much in terms of novels this year, and as always I’m not terribly current. But I did my best. I was much more widely read in short fiction, as is evidenced by the …

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Facebook is the Académie Française for English

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 6.15.19 PM

Well, no, it’s not. But you’ll see where I’m going with that. Promise. English is an evolving language, as arguably is French, but the rightness or wrongness of word usage in English is all about usage. The venerable OED, my pinnacle for all things English language related is all about usage. Words mean what they do because that’s how people use them. End of story. But, people use words wrong all the time. See, I just did it their. And …

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Campbell Award Contenders – Free Stories and more


For those who don’t know, the John W. Campbell Award is given out each year at the Hugo Award ceremonies (though it’s not a Hugo) for the best new speculative fiction writer. I happen to be in my final year of eligibility for the Campbell, but that’s only part of why I bring it up. First, fellow eligible author Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam sent around a cool little set of interview questions to all the eligible authors she could find, and is …

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Angels and Automatons – NZ Steampunk Anthology


I’m participating in a very cool project: Angels and Automatons, a shared-world steampunk anthology. It’s a bunch of short stories set in the same 1864 fictional town of Angelston, New Zealand, where there is goldrush madness, dirigibles and an inventor bent on solving social problems with stem-powered robots. It’s going to be so fun. The anthology is the brain child of Stephen Minchin of Steam Press, and is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Check out the project and …

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Still reading on paper? I’ve got you covered.


Just in time for the New Year! You can now get paperbacks of my novels from most online booksellers, including: Amazon Canada (and other local Amazons) Barnes and Noble Book Depository (free shipping worldwide!) Powell’s Books a Million

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My next novel to be published by Bundoran Press


I am delighted to announce that my next novel will be published by Canadian publishing house Bundoran Press. Bundoran is an award-winning small press and I’m thrilled to be working with them on my next novel, codenamed The Wheel. It is a stand-alone multi-generation space colony story, with advanced general intelligences, politics and goats. It is tentatively scheduled for release in November 2014. From the press release: Ms. Wehm’s new novel “The Wheel (working title)” is set aboard a vast …

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