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Google customer service rocks!

I have been a user of GrandCentral (the telephony service that is now Google Voice) for a long while.  It’s ideal for a world traveler like me.  When Google acquired it, I knew it would change for the better, which it has.  Unfortunately, the main advantage was that it allowed me to make free calls to Canada.  When it became Google Voice, calls to Canada became merely cheap.

I waited until the last minute to upgrade my account in order to get as many free calls home as possible.  Eventually, though, I had to bite the bullet and switch.  I did, and immediately bought some calling credit.

After a couple fo calls I noticed that my credit balance wasn’t updating.  I poked around, and discovered that calls to Canada had become free.  Yippee!  Of course, I didn’t need that credit I bought anymore.  I figured that I’d just have to eat it, but decided to ask for a refund anyway.  It never hurts to try, right?

Well, lo and behold, I got my refund!  Well done, Google!  If only everyone had such great customer service.

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