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My ‘When Words Collide’ Schedule

My ‘When Words Collide’ Schedule

I’ll be attending the When Words Collide literary convention in Calgary, Aug 14-16. Registration is full, but if you’re already registered, stop by and say hi. My schedule so far is:

Mystery Shorts
Axel Howerton, Darusha Wehm, Jayne Barnard, Sam Wiebe, Constantine Kaoukakis (M)
What are the ingredients and markets for short mystery stories? Short mystery stories need to be succinct and punchy. They are a writing challenge on their own. There are conventions, guidelines and various markets to be considered. Join us for a lively discussion to learn about the writing opportunity.

Diversity is Real (Saturday, 10am)
Kate Larking, Jessica Corra, Darusha Wehm, Sandra Wickham, Halli Lilburn
The world is populated by a diversity of people, and so should your stories. This panel will discuss including realistic diversity in your realistic or fantastic fiction, particularly dealing with LGBT characters.

Does Being an Editor Make You a Better Writer? (Saturday, 3pm)
Richard Harrison, Axel Howerton, Nowick Gray, Darusha Wehm, Barb Galler-Smith (M)

Reading from Children of Arkadia (and more?) (Saturday 8:45pm)

Mystery Live Action Slush – long form Mystery, Crime, or Thriller (Sunday 2 PM)
Greg McKitrick (reader), Gwen Hunter, Shirlee Smith Matheson, Darusha Wehm, SG Wong

Cyberpunk and Social Order (Sunday, 4pm)
Hayden Trenholm, Nowick Gray, Darusha Wehm, Ron Bender
Cyberpunk is all about addressing how societal technology advancements bring moral and social questions to light. In an age of realized megacorporations and vulnerable technologies, is cyberpunk going mainstream? This panel will address cyberpunk literature and societal crashes, both now and in the future.

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