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Episode Eleven

Episode Eleven

Jack felt as if her mind was truly clear for the first time since this ordeal began, though she was not sure that sneaking off for a quickie was the best decision she had made in the past few days. However, what was done was done and she sat with Phoenix, talking about art and the difficulties that people who do not fit into the system of working for a firm have when trying to do their work. Jack discovered that Phoenix was gainfully employed as a writer for a prominent board devoted to performance art. One of the large firms funded the board as well as many exhibitions every year.

“I didn’t know that even existed,” Jack said.

“It’s very uncommon,” Phoenix said, “I was extremely lucky to get the position. Of course, I worked for them to begin with and was active in the community anyway. I knew who to go to and what I had to do to get it.” Phoenix smiled languidly, and Jack understood that there were probably not very many desires that Phoenix didn’t get fulfilled.

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