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Episode Twenty-Three

Episode Twenty-Three


I am (two)

living together

in the same mind

My body is my own

and not my own



    it breathes

    without me;


There are lights

that flash in my memory


    when I sleep,

    they light my way;


I do not control them =

    those lights in my mind

they control me =

    like a puppet

    like a host

they are my parasite == my saviour

I see it all the time now

the new world they created for me (and the compulsion it creates)

why would anyone choose to live


    in a world of death

    when there is more

    so much more;


hiding within

The cost is so small


    this life for another life

    control for purpose;


we would choose this freely

if we still had choice

just give us the lights


    the guide, the statements,

    the direction;


and we will follow forever

the leader == the follower

we are one now

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