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M. Darusha Wehm is the three-time Parsec Award shortlisted author of five published science fiction novels, most recently, Children of Arkadia (Bundoran Press). Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in many venues, including Nature, Escape Pod, Mothership Zeta and several anthologies.

Writing as Darusha Wehm (without the M.) she is the author of the Devi Jones’ Locker series and is the editor of the crime and mystery magazine Plan B.

She is originally from Canada but currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending several years traveling at sea on her sailboat. For more information, visit



Floating Point. in potentia press, 2016

Storm Cloudin potentia press, 2016

Sea Changein potentia press, 2016

Packet Tradein potentia press, 2016

Children of Arkadia. Bundoran Press, 2015

The Beauty of Our Weapons. in potentia press, 2012

Act of Will. in potentia press, 2011

Self Made. in potentia press, 2010

Beautiful Red. in potentia press, 2007


Fire. Escape. in potentia press, 2012

Short Fiction

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Poetry and Microfiction

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