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About a month ago, I started to have this familiar feeling.  It’s kind of akin to heartburn crossed with nervousness.  I know that sorta sick sorta excited feeling.  It’s a novel idea.  Not a new or previously unthought-of idea.  No, it’s an idea for a novel.

But it’s not merely an idea.  That’s too small.  It’s like this universe is forming in my mind, small at first, then expanding rapidly until all these little details have been made extant – a character’s nickname, the colour of a house, the title (always the hardest part for me).  So.  I guess I’m writing another novel.

The timing wasn’t great, I thought, given that it’s May and all.  Then I heard about the Southern Cross Novel Challenge (SocNoc), and I was like, “Hey! That’s perfect!”

So, for the month of June, I’m pretending it’s Nano time and writing this novel that won’t get out of my head any other way.  It’s not like I have anything else to do here in Fiji where the water is clear and warm and full of beautiful fish to look at. No. Nothing else at all.

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