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My Schedule at unCONventional

My Schedule at unCONventional

I’ll be attending unCONventional, the New Zealand SF convention, June 1-4 in Auckland.

I’ll be pretty busy over the weekend. I’m participating in a few panels:

  • Overpopulation in SF (Saturday 10am)
  • Armageddon as Allegory (Sunday 9am)
  • Getting Published (Sunday 10am)

I’ll be doing a reading Sunday at 3pm, and I’ll head over to the group signing after that. I plan to have a few dead tree books for sale, and possibly some method for selling an ebook bundle as well. The complete convention schedule is here.

I also plan to be at the SpecFicNZ gathering and gnereally wandering around the con. If you’re going to be there, drop me a line at darusha@darusha.ca or just find me and say hi. I’ll probably* be the one with the blue hair.

*Probably, because it may have faded to green by then and I might not be the only one.

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