• Published July 2016
  • Published by Procyon Press
  • Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle
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Procyon Press Science Fiction Anthology 2016

In this inaugural science fiction anthology from PROCYON PRESS, twenty authors present twenty different views of the world that’s coming. Here you’ll find a philosophy professor turned space Marine in a psychic war for Earth’s future—you’ll find a society of spiritually linked cetaceans deciding to fight back against human intervention—you’ll find a revolutionary uprising launched by a yearning transgender cyborg bartender from Ohio—you’ll find punning time cops pursuing an amorphous artifact with the power to end existence through alternative histories—you’ll find teen boys animated by silent, shared trauma who use dimensional portals for shoplifting.

In short, you’ll find twenty new perspectives that interrogate the ways in which all the possible futures of science fiction may transform our world, for better or for worse—and twenty possible maps for navigating it.