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Devi Jones’ Locker

Coming Feb 9 2016: Packet Trade

Coming Feb 9 2016: Packet Trade

Tropical adventures.
A rag-tag sailing crew.
Running off-grid data servers?
Sounds legit.

Devi Jones is a year away from graduating with a Computer Science degree and it’s internship time. But usually the ship part isn’t quite so literal. She gets hired by Really Remote Desktop, a cloud data storage company that keeps their servers in odd places, like the bilge of a hundred-foot sailboat.

How can a homebody like Devi step on to a boat with six strangers and sail away from everything she has ever known? All while trying to do her best at her first real job? Being in a tropical paradise helps — but only until things start to go wrong.

Packet Trade is book one of Devi Jones’ Locker. It will be released as five Kindle episodes, with new episodes every two weeks, or you can buy the full volume at any time in ebook or paperback.

Pre-orders for the first episode and the complete book will be up soon, so watch this space.

If you’re already intrigued, you can read a sample here.

Note to my regular readers: This is a Darusha Wehm without the M. book, so there won’t be any AIs, robots or space travel. There’s still science, but it’s not speculative.