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I finally finished the first draft of a story I started in El Salvador. I have such trouble finishing things without a deadline, even a totally fake one. I have to start making them for myself.

Editing will go faster that writing, I hope. The only problem is I have two more story ideas that I want to get on to before I tire of them. I guess it’s fake deadline time!

Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Timeshare seller: Hi! Where are you from?

Me: I live on that boat out there in the bay.

Timeshare seller: Cool. Let me tell you about this new resort we have just up the road…

Me: No, that’s okay. I live on my boat.

Timeshare seller: That’s really awesome. But this new resort is blah blah blah.

On work

People often ask us if we’re on vacation or working. They mean, working for pay, which we are not. But we are working, often pretty hard.

It’s hard to explain that we work on things that people on land would usually hire a pro for, but we have to do it all.

Work is more than just getting paid for somthing. Writers and other artists know that, often working very hard on a piece that may or may not ever bring in cash. It’s too bad we’re all so hung up on whether or not a person is getting paid for the work they do.

More fun with Facebook

I’ve gotten a few friend requests from fans, which is kind of awkward for me as I don’t accept FB friends unless I have another connection with them first.

So, now I’ve now made a page for myself on Facebook as a writer. Feel free to become a fan, and I’ll keep it updated on what’s going on with my writing.

Also, feel free to follow me on twitter, though be prepared to get a lot of tweets about traveling, as that’s what I’m mostly doing these days.

Beautiful Red is a Parsec Award Finalist!

The podcast of Beautiful Red was nominated for a Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form), and I’ve just found out that it is a finalist.  I am in amazing company – works by Timothy Callahan, Patrick McLean, Mur Lafferty and Scott Sigler are also nominated in this category.  I couldn’t be happier to be thought of in the same category as these authors.

The Parsec Awards celebrate excellence in speculative fiction podcasting, and will be held at the Dragon*Con convention in a few days.  I won’t be able to attend, given that I’m only a few weeks out from departing on a long world sailing trip, but my thoughts and well-wishes go out to all the nominees.

Episode Twenty-Three

Episode Twenty-Three


I am (two)

living together

in the same mind

My body is my own

and not my own



    it breathes

    without me;


There are lights

that flash in my memory


    when I sleep,

    they light my way;


I do not control them =

    those lights in my mind

they control me =

    like a puppet

    like a host

they are my parasite == my saviour

I see it all the time now

the new world they created for me (and the compulsion it creates)

why would anyone choose to live


    in a world of death

    when there is more

    so much more;


hiding within

The cost is so small


    this life for another life

    control for purpose;


we would choose this freely

if we still had choice

just give us the lights


    the guide, the statements,

    the direction;


and we will follow forever

the leader == the follower

we are one now

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Episode Twenty-Two

Episode Twenty-Two

>>It looks bad, Jack. There’s enough evidence to convict you of a couple of major crimes, and sweet fuck all to prove your allegation against the Red.


>>Just don’t, Jack. I tested my theory. I’m sending a log of some correspondence one of my aliases had with a couple of law enforcement branches. I’m going to have to abandon that identity now, since it has zero credibility left. I was laughed out of town, and you will be too. Only you’ll be laughed right into court. I mean it Jack, you have to drop this.

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Episode Twenty-One

Episode Twenty-One

“Do you know what we believe in,” Lars started off by asking her. “What the core us of in the Red believe, what started it all?”

“Well,” Jack began, “it seems pretty obvious that you want to bring back the natural human being, reduce our reliance on technology, and question our place in society. I’d say that’s a pretty good summary, don’t you think?” She didn’t want to get sucked into philosophical arguments, but knew he would have to tell her his story in his own way.

“As Rackham would say, two out of three ain’t bad for a noob.”

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Episode Twenty

Episode Twenty

The system was different. At first Jack nearly panicked when she realized that her three D rendering engine couldn’t handle the configuration of the Red system and showed her nothing but an empty blue void. But, after backing out and viewing the system using her terminal emulator, Jack was able to navigate the system. She got a feel for the layout, finding her way through the hierarchical structure. Eventually, she banged up against the point where her dummy user’s permissions ended.

She breathed deeply, and turned away from her task for a moment. She had an assignment from the shift captain, and she guessed that if it didn’t get done they might come checking up on her.

Log #7

Nanowrimo is done, and I won with a day to spare.

Lots of people have been sending emails, which is awesome; keep it coming.

There was a problem with some of the files (this time, not my fault!). It’s fixed now, but if you encounter any trouble downloading or the files sound wonky, please let me know.

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Episode Nineteen

Episode Nineteen

Jack didn’t know what to do. It was BlackEye for sure, chatting with some dour looking guy just two tables over. It was the first she had seen of him, and although she had imagined before she arrived that he would be leading the group in some kind of bizarre incantation three times a day, once she had been here for awhile the community nature of the group made her doubt even the existence of a leader. Of course, leaders aren’t always of the “do it my way or get out” variety, and she noticed that everyone else in the bar deferred to BlackEye when they interacted with him.