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Announcing My New Mysterious Project

Announcing My New Mysterious Project

Astute readers may have guessed that I’m up to something a bit mysterious. And while I’m going to tell you what’s going on, that won’t end the suspense. In fact, I hope, it will only make things more thrilling.

Okay. Enough beating around the thesaurus. I am pleased to announce my new project: Plan B Mystery Magazine.

In the new year, Plan B will be posting weekly short fiction in the mystery, crime, suspense and thriller genres, free to read online. We will also be compiling the stories into quarterly anthologies which will be available as ebooks. An annual subscription to the anthologies will be available for purchase as will the individual anthologies.

As you know, I believe that quality work should be compensated, so we intend for Plan B to be a semi-pro paying market. To that end, we will be launching an IndieGoGo campaign in January 2013 to raise the funds necessary to pay our authors.

Want to be a part of it? If you’re a reader, just hang on. When I launch the campaign there will be lots of opportunities to contribute and get great goodies. If you are a writer or a visual artist, we are accepting submissions now. Go read the guidelines then send us your best mystery work.

For those of you who are more interested in my SF writing, worry not. I’m still working on plenty of speculative work. This is just another project, not a change of focus. But I am really stoked about it, so there’s a good chance I’ll talk about it a bit. That’s how it goes.

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