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The Complete Andersson Dexter Series #FictionFightsBack

The Complete Andersson Dexter Series #FictionFightsBack

A few days ago, I saw a great idea posted by S.L. Huang: #FictionFightsBack. The gist is to use fiction as a way to support organizations that are doing the hard work of protecting people’s rights and fighting authoritarianism.

I decided right then that I’d put together a box set of the complete Andersson Dexter series and commit to donate all sales to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. So, I did and it’s available now.

Get the omnibus of all three books in the series here, for as little as $5 (but feel free to be generous).

If you’d prefer to make your own donation to the organization(s) of your choice, go for it! You can send me an email letting me know who you supported and I’ll send you a copy of the collection.

Also, do keep an eye on the hashtag #FictionFightsBack for more books and stories where sales are being donated to raise money for organizations that will fight authoritarianism and/or work to protect people’s rights.

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