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Mars or Bust!

Mars or Bust!

Photo by tjblackwell

I want to go to Mars. For reals.

In case you don’t follow space news, there is an actual plan to send two people on a flyby of Mars in 2018. They are looking to recruit a couple for the 501 day voyage in a Dragon capsule-like craft. My partner, Steven, and I think we would be the perfect choice. Seriously.

Aside from the fact that we actually have real life experience with this kind of voyage (tl;dr – We’ve spent the past 5 years living and sailing on our boat, often alone at sea or in remote locations for weeks on end), how perfect would it be to have a science fiction author on a space mission designed specifically to be inspirational?

I don’t know how Inspiration Mars is planning to choose its crew, but public support can’t hurt. Feel free to share this post and our potential Space Crew resume to any and all social media you’d like. Let’s blur those lines between fiction and reality, shall we?

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