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Act of Will

Get Act of Will for Half Price

In honour of Read an Ebook Week, for the week starting March 6, 2011, the ebook versions of both Act of Will and Self Made will be half price at smashwords.com.

That’s the complete unabridged text in the ebook formats of your choice for just $2.50 for Act of Will and a mere $1.50 for Self Made.

Use coupon code RAE50 at checkout to get the deal, and remember it’s only good for a week, so download ASAP!

The Schedule

For those of you who like to know what’s going on, here’s the plan:

The first five episodes will come out this week, to give you a nice earful or eyeful of story to start. Then it will be one episode a week until we’re done.

There will be fourteen episodes in total.


Thank you, erotica writer Nobilis Reed

I met Nobilis online, when he contacted me because he was a fan of my first podcasted novel, Beautiful Red.  I’m humbled when other writers like my work, and his support of eveything I do has gone above and beyond mere enjoyment of my writing.  He’s been a real inspiration and help to me over the years.

If you like erotic fiction, I strongly suggest that you should immediately subscribe to his podcast, Nobilis Erotica.  Featuring original smutty speculative stories by himself and other writers, with voice talent from across the podosphere, I promise you’ll find something that turns your crank somewhere in the feed.