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New Audio of my story “Modern Love”

New Audio of my story “Modern Love”

This little delight lured me in and took me somewhere completely unexpected. Love is weird. But this story is a gem. – Nathan Crowder, on “Modern Love”

My story, “Modern Love,” is up over at Wily Writers. For the audio fans out there, it is read beautifully by Folly Blaine, so go grab the mp3 or subscribe to the other great stories at WW. It’s also available as text if you’d rather just read it the old-fashioned way.

I was thrilled when “Modern Love” won second place at the Wily Writers/SpecFicNZ short story competition, judged by Nathan Crowder, quoted above. “Modern Love” placed after the absolutely excellent “The Mary-Jane Effect” by AJ Fitzwater, which I highly recommend.

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